It finally happened! The partner of your dreams slipped the ring of your dreams on to your (hopefully well-manicured) hand. What's the first thing you do? Post an engagement ring selfie to your Instagram account, of course. All of the celebrities do it, and this is your chance to shine like a Hollywood star.

Here are a few tricks to make sure your post captures your ring's beauty and your joy.

1. Make sure your ring is sparkling. It should look fabulous having just come from the jeweler's, but in case you smudged it with a fingerprint or cried tears of joy on it, it wouldn't hurt to give it a quick dip in a jar of jewelry cleaner or a wipe-down with a professional polishing cloth. (If you don't have jewelry cleaner, visit Lyle Husar Designs to find out what formula will work best for your ring).

2. Make sure the lighting is right. Sunshine is the best for creating sparkle, so try to steer clear of indoor lighting or iPhone flashes. Go for the glint of real sunlight, either outside or by a window.

3. Are you hands well-manicured? Amanda Gizzi of Jewelers of America notes, "Get a manicure! I know you are excited to share photos of your ring, but remember that first impressions are everything. Well-manicured fingers will only enhance the beauty of the ring."

4. Strike a fun pose. Hold hands with your partner. Wrap your hand around a celebratory glass of bubbly or a cup o' joe. Or just find a beautiful backdrop against which to hold your hand. But, Gizzi cautions, "Don't over-stage it. Your ring is the focus. It doesn't need to look like a photo shoot for a home design magazine."

5. Compose a caption that captures your feelings, maybe with a fun hashtag to boot. We love Ashley Simpson's #hedidgood.

6. Post your pic and wait for the good wishes to roll in!