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Our team of Trusted Jewelry Advisors will guide you beyond the basic 4C's used to grade diamonds. You'll learn insider tips on picking diamonds and you'll feel confident making a educated decision.

  • Relax, we're here to make this easy. We'll start off by offering you a beer, coffee, or glass of wine. Let's get comfortable.

  • We'd like to get to know you. We're great listeners. We'll guide you through every step of the selection process.

  • You'll view hundreds of hand-selected diamonds up-close, including NEW laboratory grown diamond options.

  • Sale prices are clearly marked on each diamond. We've already negotiated the bottom-line price so you don't have to.

  • Learn how to use a GIA microscope, 10x loupe and tweezers, the same way professional diamond graders do.

  • Understand the importance of GIA, AGS, IGI & EGL USA laboratory reports and how they impact the cost of a diamond.

  • Check out the latest state-of-the-art diamond cutting technology in our AGS Gemological Laboratory.

  • Ask questions. We're owned by Wisconsin's only former GIA Gemological Institute of America Instructor. He has answers.

  • If we don't have the diamond you want in stock, we'll search the world to find it for you.


Can you tell the difference between an Earth Mined Diamond and a Lab Grown Diamond?


(Lab Grown Diamond on the left, Earth Mined Diamond on the right)

FREE Lifetime Warranty


Free Lifetime Service

  • We will clean and inspect your jewelry free for life. All work must be verified by an authorized representative of Craig Husar for the Lifetime Warranty to remain valid.

Free Diamond Replacement

  • If a diamond on your ring is damaged* we will replace it free of charge with a diamond of equal value (up to .10ct) provided the diamond and mounting have been cleaned and checked at Craig Husar within the past six months. *Excludes center stone, you’ll need insurance for that.

Free Diamond Tightening

  • To prevent diamond loss, we recommend that you have us tighten your diamond regularly, a service we are happy to offer you free of charge. We can also re-tip prongs and repair other parts of the mounting for a nominal fee.

Free Money Back Guarantee

  • If not fully satisfied with your engagement ring, you may receive a refund, exchange or store credit within 30 days of purchase. Engagement ring must be in its original condition.

Free Soldering of Your Rings

  • We will solder your wedding set together free of charge as long as both the engagement ring and wedding rings are purchased at Craig Husar.

Free Polishing & Refinishing

  • Erase normal wear and tear that can dull your ring by bringing it in regularly for free polishing or refinishing.

Free Brushed Finish Application

  • We will refinish any mens or ladies band to keep it looking as new as the day you purchased it.

Free Rhodium Finishing

  • We offer this free service to ensure your ring maintains its optimum brightness, whiteness and luster.

Free Ring Sizing

  • To guarantee a perfect fit, we offer one free ring sizing within 30 days of purchase.


*Your Lifetime Warranty will NEVER be void as long as you have your item inspected by an authorized representative of Craig Husar every six months. If you do miss a six month checkup, bring your jewelry in for inspection. If everything looks fine, your warranty will be reinstated. Each time Craig Husar inspects your jewelry, it’s covered for the next 6 months.

Graduate Gemologist and Former Instructor of Gemology (GIA), Craig Husar, advises client on custom-made diamond necklace design.

Graduate Gemologist and Former Instructor of Gemology (GIA), Craig Husar, advises client on custom-made diamond necklace design.


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