Guide to Best Rings for Personality Types


Are you looking for the perfect ring for her unique personality? The Trusted Jewelry Advisors at Craig Husar lay out the best ring styles for various personality types in this tell-all guide.

Choosing the perfect engagement ring is a big responsibility. While there are a lot of things that might influence your choice, did you know that her personality plays a big role? A ring can be as unique as the love of your life. From a lady with a quirky sense of humor to those with a super sporty lifestyle, there is a perfect ring waiting to be placed on her finger.

Craig Husar offers nearly ever ring style you can imagine, and if you can’t find one you like, a custom ring might be just the thing. Even those limitless options can be overwhelming, however. Where do you even begin? The biggest place to start is trying to narrow it down. While budget is a big factor, her personality is the next thing you should consider. Try to imagine her daily activities. What does she do for work? How does she spend her free time? What activities do the two of you like doing together?

You might be surprised how big of an impact a ring she wears every day might have on her life. Make sure it’s the best ring for her personality so she’s as ecstatic about the jewels on her finger as she is about the marriage in her future.

Use our helpful personality guide as a tool to find a unique ring for your unique woman.


Best Ring For a Romantic

The Romantic

The woman who loves classic love stories, chick flicks or any retelling of love will fall head over heels for a romantic ring. Think of vintage rings or dainty, thin bands that make her delicate fingers look even more elegant. Solitaire diamonds are sometimes the most romantic engagement rings, but they also can be dolled up with a trail of diamonds around the band. Round-cut diamonds or gems provide a classic look that work with a variety of bands and settings. A romantic ring is beautiful and elegant but doesn’t distract from the glowing bride. It’s her natural beauty and love that makes her stand out – the ring is just a gorgeous bonus.

Tacori rings offer a creative, romantic way to showcase more than one sparkly diamond on a single band. Vintage or heirloom rings also can be great for the romantic personality. Heirloom rings can be handed down from a family member, often passing their own love story from one generation to another. Attaching a personal story to a ring makes the proposal even more romantic. Just make sure the ring still fits her personality and style, and that the family member is happy to hand off the ring to a new generation. If it all works out, it can be the perfect engagement ring for a romantic.

The Fashionista

If your lady is always up on the latest styles, updating her closet and shopping the trends on the weekend, then she might be the perfect fit for an engagement ring for fashionistas. An emerald-shaped diamond is a great trendsetter engagement ring that makes a big statement. The square cut with rounded corners stands out on just about any finger and offers a design that’s original enough for a fashionista to show off.

This is also a great opportunity to go with a unique band, such as a twisted or braided style that makes the whole setting pop. A wider band also can give a bold statement and can pop off the hand with the added glimmer of diamonds on the band.

If you can’t find a style that seems to fit, a unique, custom-designed look might be best for the woman who already has it all. Be sure to speak to the jewelry professionals at Lyle Husar Designs about creating a look that speaks specifically to your fashionista. Her personality can truly shine through the original work of a custom-designed ring.

The Diva

While the diva can be similar to the fashionista, there are some differences. The diva is a powerhouse. You don’t mess with the diva. She knows what she wants and she isn’t afraid to tell you. In fact, you might want to include the diva in making this big decision. Some women like to have some input in choosing the ring they’ll wear forever.

If you still want to keep it a surprise, we have some suggestions. The best engagement rings for divas are rings that stand out. There’s not a single one like it. While it might be bold, try going for a unique cut or color diamond that is as outspoken as the woman who will soon wear it. Pink or champagne-toned diamonds are elegant yet bold. They also can be accompanied by more traditional colored diamonds to make them stand out in a one-of-a-kind setting. Divas might also gravitate toward a princess cut, with a royal name to go along with her royal personality.


Engagement Rings for Athletic Girls

The Athlete

Even a woman who likes to work up a good sweat likes to clean up and look glamorous. A marquise-cut ring can be a beautiful option for the athlete. The athletic woman usually prides herself on simple but elegant details when it comes to wedding planning, making the marquise cut a nice addition to that mix. An athlete is usually driven by quality and pride - pushing herself to be better in her sport and to carefully select the people she surrounds herself with. That's how she got such a great person to want to propose! Don't skimp on quality here or waste time second-guessing your choice. Make sure the ring speaks to you and is a reflection of the love you have for your girlfriend.

The Tomboy

She’s the kind of woman who likes to get her hands dirty. She’s not afraid to help do the tough jobs and it might be tough to picture her with a flashy diamond ring. Don’t shy away from an engagement ring just because she doesn’t dress up much or wear a lot of jewelry. You can still find an engagement ring personality type to fit her style.

A solitaire diamond is often the most classic look, but even that can be too much for some women. They don’t want to worry about the diamond or other jewel getting caught on anything or feeling like it’s in the way. For someone who doesn’t wear much jewelry, even that kind of ring can feel cumbersome.

Instead, some women find a simple band wrapped in small diamonds or diamond chips provides an elegant look without too much glitz. Sometimes an anniversary band or custom-made band also can help you find the perfect ring for this unique woman. Try going with a rose gold or yellow gold look that is simple but elegant. A ring can be simple enough to fit her personality without being boring. We’ll find the perfect ring that is a reflection of her and the beauty she has inside and out.


Engagement Rings for Social Butterfly

The Social Butterfly

Most engaged women are more than thrilled to show off their sparkly engagement ring as soon as it gets on their finger. That’s going to happen even more so with the woman who is the social butterfly. She’ll be calling her friends, texting photos and showing her outstretched hand to co-workers as soon as she gets the chance.

A woman with that much social standing needs a showstopper ring. Try a two-tone band or a unique style that will have her chatting about her ring for months to come. Try a band that has a mix of classical and unique features. Maybe a twisted band or several smaller diamonds surrounding the largest will be a good addition. Your jeweler can help you make adjustments or add design elements that make this ring one-of-a-kind.

The Quirky Woman

Does she have a special sense of humor or a personality that truly stands out? If the love of your life doesn’t seem to fit into any one category, but is instead a living definition of originality, a custom ring might be the best fit for her. She’s not quite the romantic, the fashionista spirit doesn’t seem to fit her and she’s not even that much of an athlete. She’s simply the woman you’ve decided to spend the rest of your life with – and that person deserves something as unique as she is.

A custom ring can be the perfect fit for her. Sometimes it’s tough to nail down any single style, but you want to pick and choose features from a variety of rings to make something that can’t be found anywhere else. Let an expert jewelry designer help create the ring that will best fit her personality. Quirky engagement rings can have colorful gems or diamonds, incorporate pearls or take on a unique shape.

The Professional

She's often balancing conference calls, client meetings and other busy corporate life duties. She'll likely want a ring that reflects her serious, professional lifestyle but still maintains a sense of feminism. Try going for strong-looking band and wider settings that speak to her inner strength. Simon G. offers some styles with a larger band and a dramatic setting that demand attention without taking away from the woman who wears it. Hearts On Fire also showcase a powerhouse of sparkle with a gleam of elegance and sophistication. She's a rock in your life - and she deserves a rock that reflects how strong she is inside and out.


Engagement Rings for Traditionalists

The Traditionalist

She likely makes calls to her grandmother every Sunday, schedules regular lunch dates with her sisters and has been dreaming of a traditional wedding since she can remember. However, even a traditionalist likes to put a twist on things from time to time. Try a cushion-cut engagement ring, which has all the features of a traditional cut but with the unique aspects of a diamond that’s just a little bit different.

She might enjoy the simple things in life, like family and hikes with the dog, but she also likes a little glamour and glitz in her life. This diamond cut looks great with a platinum band and a line of smaller diamonds tracing the center of the band. This engagement ring personality style is a perfect classic option – but with enough charm to stand out on its own.

The Modern Lady

She’s always up on the latest trends, whether that means updating her closet, sipping on creative cocktails or finding the hottest rooftop bars for an evening of socializing. She’s cultured and social and has an eye on the future. The modern woman is one that will likely slip a princess cut engagement ring on her finger. The modern cut compliments her personality, while its versatility and ability to be worn with a variety of wedding bands make it a ring she’ll be happy to wear for years.

If she wants to add updates, the princess cut is a ring that can easily change with the times. Layer it with a wedding and anniversary band, or add additional diamonds to celebrate a lengthy marriage later. The princess cut is a diamond that can be modern through the ages.

The Independent Thinker

If she doesn’t like anyone making decisions for her, it might be best to take the independent woman along – or at least include her in conversations beforehand – to find the perfect engagement ring. An independent woman likely wants to have a little more control over what she is going to wear every day for the rest of her life. Something as big as an engagement ring, which will have a lifelong meaning, is a decision she might want to give some input on.

Depending on how far you are in your relationship, such as living together or sharing funds, she also might want to talk about the budget. Maybe a more affordable ring is worth it to her if it means putting a down payment on a dream home or paying off student debt sooner. She also might want to splurge a bit if it means getting her dream ring. That’s why it’s important to include the independent thinker on this big step.


Let Lyle Husar Designs Help

When it comes time to choose the perfect engagement ring, let the experts at Lyle Husar Designs help you go through the process of making the big decision. With a large selection of designer diamond rings, unique bands and original gems, there is a ring sure to fit the personality of your bride-to-be. If you can’t find a ring that seems to work for you, let our designers create something unique that can’t be found in a jewelry case. Our expert jewelers know just how to take the best features from a variety of rings to deliver a unique design.

Whether you need to a bring an heirloom ring back to its original glory, design a custom ring or find something new, Craig Husar is ready to help.