Loose Diamonds at Brookfield Jeweler Lyle Husar Designs

When premade jewelry just won’t do and you’d like to create your own jewelry from a wide selection of fine diamonds, let Greater Milwaukee jeweler Lyle Husar Designs dazzle your imagination. We carry a huge range of investment- and value-grade loose diamonds that are perfect for engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. 

Since 1968, Lyle Husar Designs has helped selective customers in the Brookfield, Milwaukee and Waukesha region find and choose the loose diamonds that are right for them. Are you ready to bring your dreams to life? 

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

It’s easy to make costly mistakes when choosing loose diamonds. Lyle Husar Designs has helped customers in the Milwaukee, Brookfield and Waukesha region choose the fine diamonds that meet their diverse tastes and unique budgetary needs. 

As the premier jeweler in the Greater Milwaukee area, Lyle Husar Designs has a wide selection of loose diamonds at all price points. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff can help you choose the diamonds that match your existing or preferred setting, while staying within your budget.

How to Choose a Fine Diamond

Every diamond, whether large or small, is graded on four key characteristics: carat, color, cut and clarity. The higher the grades are, the costlier the diamond is. Nearly every diamond in the world — even a museum-quality stone — has flaws. Some diamonds may be large, but have lesser-quality color. Others may have perfect color, but lose brilliance because of an inferior cut. The larger the stone, the more likely it is to have flaws. Large, brilliant “white” diamonds with a colorless or near-colorless grade — and no inclusions — are the most expensive. Stones with lesser color, clarity, size or cut are less costly, but may offer a better value.

This grading system gives you the opportunity to find the perfect diamond for your taste and budget. The experienced staff at Lyle Husar Designs can help you choose the attributes that matter most. For example, you may be willing to sacrifice clarity for a better color grade, or you might prefer a larger size in a lesser cut. Whether you want to buy a loose diamond for an engagement ring, a matched pair for earrings, or multiple fine diamonds for a custom made necklace, the staff at Lyle Husar Designs can help you make a confident, educated choice. 

Find the Diamonds of Your Dreams at Lyle Husar Designs

Once you’ve found the loose diamond or diamonds that meet your needs, the award-winning artists in our Design Studio can help you create the jewelry of your dreams. Imagine designing the perfect engagement ring, diamond earrings, necklace, bracelet or other jewelry with diamonds you’ve chosen for their distinctive attributes. You’ll love working with the talented staff in our Design Studio, where we can make your most brilliant dreams come to life.

To explore the possibilities, visit our beautiful Brookfield showroom to discover why Lyle Husar Designs has been the leading loose diamond dealer in the Greater Milwaukee region for over 45 years.