Photo by Maniac Magazine

Photo by Maniac Magazine

Brother Wolf

Brother Wolf’s Sanctus Collection features beautiful and intricate images of saints and Western mystics cast in precious metals with hand finished 14 karat gold or sterling silver framing. Each handmade piece comes with a card that explains the history and meaning.

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St. Christopher  | Godspeed

St. Christopher | Godspeed

St. Michael  | Justice

St. Michael | Justice

St. Gabriel  | Strength

St. Gabriel | Strength

St. Francis of Assisi  | Compassion

St. Francis of Assisi | Compassion

Joan of Arc  | Courage

Joan of Arc | Courage

St. Joseph  | Providence

St. Joseph | Providence

St. Raphael | Healing

St. Cecelia  | Creativity

St. Cecelia | Creativity

Photo by Maniac Magazine

Photo by Maniac Magazine

"Treasures from Heaven"

Brother Wolf Offers Religious-Themed Jewelry

By Sarah Meyers

There is a famous story of St. Francis and a wolf, in which the animal terrorizes the town of Gubbio. When St. Francis finds the wolf, he pleads with him to stop the violence by calling him, “Brother Wolf.” This story is where Brother Wolf jewelry got its name. “The line originally was inspired by St. Francis and his love for animals,” says Tesauro. Brother Wolf leads the pack in offering religious-themed medallions, each designed and handcrafted to provide customers a meaningful relationship with their jewelry. Family-owned and run, Brother Wolf relies on the virtue and symbolism behind each piece it creates.

Jonathan Tesauro of the Brother Wolf family gave some insight into the inner workings of the company. “We believe in fashion with meaning and that style is a virtue. Those are the two very important aspects to Brother Wolf.” Brother Wolf takes a truly unique approach to jewelry design. Tesauro says, “Our designer travels the world and finds inspiration from different places. Relics found in remote shops far off the beaten path will inspire a design that will then be in the line.” When asked about the process of making the pieces, he says, “Once we have a design, we do extensive research on the saint or mystic that we’re featuring. We want to know as much as possible so that we can write the story and share it with our customers.”

Brother Wolf takes a unique approach to giving back as well. Each piece is associated with a different virtue and social cause. “We choose charities based on the piece that will work with us and support our mission,” says Tesauro. “For example, the Sacred Heart piece represents love and supports Mercy Corp. Our Lady of Lourdes represents hope and supports the American Heart Association.” 

What you see online is just a small selection of all the jewelry Craig Husar carries in our Brookfield Jewelry Store.

Brother Wolf
Brother Wolf Sanctus Jewelry Medallions